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S1Ep3 - Carbondale, Illinois Solar Eclipse and MARS_Robotics

The Luminnovation Podcast visits Carbondale, IL during the Solar Eclipse. While there we run into the students from MARS_Robotics, a FIRST Tech Challenge Team from Marion, IL. We discuss what the students experienced before and after the Eclipse. We also discuss how their FIRST Robotics experience is changing their future career paths and how FIRST Robotics is changing culture of America.

Here is the link to this weeks podcast episode:

Links: @MARS_Robotics (Twitter and Facebook)

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Music Credit: "Love Is Over" by Ondrosik

This video was taken just a few minutes prior to Eclipse Totality

Just prior to totality, I put the eclipse glasses over my phone lens and captures this.

Image of just before totality by holding eclipse glasses over my phone camera

This video was taken just 3 minutes later. The first half of totality was cloud-covered, but during the last minute or so, the eclipse was not covered by clouds.

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