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S2Ep3 - Artist Ann Marie Vancas

In this episodes of the Luminnovation Podcast, I have a discussion with artist Ann Marie Vancas, who calls her artistic style "Sensuism", which is a mix of surrealism, abstract and fauvism shaped by the sound of music! Ann Marie discusses her synesthesia, which she uses to help give her art a unique twist!

The piece of art that Ann Marie is discussing at about the 18:50 mark in the show is called "The Helpers" and the piece discussed at about the 21:20 mark is called "Lost". You can find these two paintings as well as all of the other paintings that are discussed on this show at Ann Maries webpage, which is shown below. I encourage you to follow along on the webpage, looking at the paintings, while listening to the last half of the show. Thank you!

The soundcloud link to the show is here:

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Sponsored by: Music Credit: "Love Is Over" by Ondrosik

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"The Helpers" by Ann Marie Vancas

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