Who Can Use PenPaperPal?

PenPaperPal is great for ANYONE who's looking to find a new friend.

We started this service as a way for seniors living in retirement homes and nursing homes to find someone new and interesting to write to and learn about and learn from.  With COVID, most of the people in these homes are forced to isolate and aren't allowed visitors.  Many of the residents are fighting boredom, loneliness and perhaps even depression.  We hope that PenPaperPal can provide a way for those people to find new, interesting and engaging friends through old-fashioned letter writing.

We also hope that PenPaperPal can serve as a one-stop-shop for classrooms, church groups, or anyone hoping to find lonely people with whom to write letters and development friendships.  

Our vision for this service is to encourage old-school, traditional letter writing with pen, paper, stamp and envelope.  There is just something nostalgic and personal about reading a hand written letter from someone.  Emails and text messages have their place, but they seem to lose a bit of that personal touch.  We hope that PenPaperPal will reinvigorate the personal connection that only a hand-written letter can provide. 

is a great way to find a Pen Pal to help you connect with someone who'd you not generally be able to interact with.